Financial Information

Despite the major challenges of a changing and contracting economy, the Bank closed 2019 with a net income of AOA 30.5 billion, a 12% increase when compared to 2018, however below the forecast.

Key indicators


AOA billion


Net income


-8.8 p.p.

Return on equity


+0.03 p.p.

Return on assets


-1.2 p.p.

Capital adequacy ratio


AOA billion


Operating income


AOA billion


Operating costs


-2 p.p.

Cost-to-income (recurring)


AOA billion


Net assets


AOA billion


Deposits from Customers


AOA billion


Net loans


-1.2 p.p.

Credit at risk ratio


+29 p.p.

Credit at risk coverage ratio

Business performance


The Bank closed 2019 with net results in the amount of AOA 30.5 billion, representing a 12% growth compared to the previous period, however below the forecast.

The level of impairments was significantly reinforced by an approximate amount of AOA 31 billion increasing its credit-at-risk coverage ratio to 130%.

In December, Capital adequacy ratio stood at 14.5%, reflecting a -1.2 p.p. decrease compared to the same period. Therefore, ATLANTICO continues to present solid ratios and availability of capital to support business growth and risks of Bank activity.

The Cost-to-income ratio reached 39%, representing a deviation of -3 p.p. against the previous year. If we exclude non-recurring events that occurred at the level of revenue, cost-to-income ratio reaches 47%, with a favorable evolution of 2 p.p. compared the previous period. The improvement of efficiency levels is one of the Bank’s fundamental focuses, defining strict objectives for each business cycle.

Balance sheet

The Bank’s assets amounted to AOA 1,601,479 billion, reflecting an 18% growth in the last 12 months. It should be noted the 12% growth of the securities portfolio due to the foreign exchange effect and the credit portfolio in national currency.
Assets structure
Deposits continue to represent the main source of financing for ATLANTICO’s activity. the liability structure remained stable when compared to 2018, although it should be noted the Bank’s commitment to increase deposits in 2019 and the decrease of its exposure to national and international counterparties.
Liabilities structure